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Spring 2018 Classes

Thursdays, February 8 - May 3
and on Tuesday March 27
No class March 22 & 29

Morningstar Community Church
11010 E. Kellogg ( map )

Friday, May 4th at 5:30 & 7:30
Morningstar Community Church
11010 E. Kellogg Dr. 67207

Online registration in Christian Youth Theater is available up to the day before classes begin in each area. If you wish to register on the first day of class or after, please call the CYT office. Registrations after the second class will be discounted by $20.00.

Children of all levels of ability are welcome in CYT classes. No previous performance experience is required. 

Multiple students can be registered per online application. All registrations must be paid in full before they can be processed; students will be placed on a waiting list until payment is made. Online debit or credit card payments can be made at time of registration, or at a later time. There is no additional fee for online payments!

Fees and Payment Information

EARLY REGISTRATION: (through Jan 25, 2018)
Our Gang: Ages 5-7 $160
Act 1: Ages 8-12 $170
Act 2: Ages 13-18 $180

Our Gang: Ages 5-7 $170
Act 1: Ages 8-12 $180
Act 2: Ages 13-18 $190

Any family that enrolls more than one child in CYT will receive $10 off the second, $20 off the third, and $30 off the forth and up child.

Preferred method is to pay online with a VISA or MC card.

CYT Wichita
P.O. Box 26
Wichita, KS 67201

Requirements & Restrictions

All published staff, dates, times and locations are subject to change.

Students must meet age requirements by the first class day of the session.

Since some classes fill quickly, be sure to indicate a second choice.

Students need to fill out and bring Authorization Form to first class unless they attended Camp this summer or Fall or Winter Classes.

Students need to read CYT Behaviorial Guidelines before attending class.

Students need to dress according to CYT Dress Code at all CYT functions.

There is a $25.00 service charge for cancellations.

No Refunds will be given after the first class.
Students who audition for a production are NOT eligible for a refund.

Confirmation information will be emailed to you unless we are specifically requested to mail it.
Payment can be made online, by mail or in person.

CYT Wichita Classes

Morningstar Community Church - 11010 E. Kellogg, Wichita
Thursdays, February 8 - May 3 & Tuesday, March 27
(No Class on March 22 & 29)
Ages 5-12       5:00 pm - 6:45 pm
Ages 13-18     7:00 pm - 9:00pm


Act 1 : Ages 5-12
5:00 pm - 6:45 pm

Our Gang

learning the ropes

Ages 5-7

Instructor: Cherie Wolfe

As the youngest members of the CYT family it's important that you first learn the basic elements of drama, music, and dance! This class will teach you how to speak on stage, sing with good pitch and tone, and basic dance steps for musical theater dance. We'll learn upbeat songs and intriguing monologues to better our skills in these three main areas of music theater!


Core Voice

Can you duet?

Ages 8-12

Instructor: Marial Mortimer

Can you duet? Don't worry! This class will teach you the core elements of vocal technique as well as how to harmonize and sing with others on stage. In this class students will not only get the chance to sing famous Music Theater duets, they'll learn about vocal technique, music theory, and how to become a better performer!


Music Theater 

Take the stage

Ages 8-12

Instructor: Laura Weixelman

Getting up on stage requires more than just talent, one must learn how to work hard and continue learning new techniques about music theater to help them grow! This class will focus on two of the three elements of musical theater: dance and drama! You'll learn how to pick-up choreography quicker, how best to learn and memorize lines, and how that all translates onto the stage. By the end of this class you'll be ready to take the stage with confidence!


Advanced Dance (Core Dance Required)

the tricks of tap

Ages 8-12

Instructor: Caroline Nordberg

Learn the art of tap dancing in this fun and upbeat class designed to teach you the basics and beyond! You'll learn basic steps and combinations, but also be challenged as you progress in each class. If you've taken tap before or this is your first time this class will challenge you and keep your feet tapping to the music all session long! Students in this class will need to provide their own tap shoes. Core Dance or a Music Theater class are a requirement for this class.


Auditions Class (Core Drama & Voice required)

auditioning 101

Ages 8-12

Instructor: Katie Crandall

Want to learn tips and tricks to wow the directors in auditions? Ever wonder what song is right for an audition? Or what it's going to be like in a callback? Then this class has everything you'll need to become better prepared for both auditions and callbacks. This class will include elements of primarily voice and drama. Students will leave this class with a set of songs and monologues that are well suited to them and their voice type for future auditions! This is an advanced course, student must have taken either a music theater class or both a core drama and core voice class prior to taking this class.


Act 2: Ages 13-18
7:00 pm - 9:00pm

Core Drama

Core drama 

Ages 13-18

Instructor: Amy Shelden

Understanding the core elements of drama is paramount for any actor, and renewing those key elements enables us to continue growing as thespians. This class will teach you all you need to know about creating a dramatic performance through monologues, poetry, speeches, individual physicality, literary study techniques, and more! You'll come away with a toolkit of techniques you can use for any role! 


Advanced Drama: (Core Drama required)

Advanced drama

Ages 13-18

Instructor: Lisa Paine

Ever wonder what it would be like to be on the other side of the table during auditions? Or to be the one creating the scenes in rehearsals? Then this class has everything you'll need to learn more about the art of directing. You'll learn new theater vocabulary, how to envision a show, how to instruct actors through a scene, and so much more!  


Advanced Drama (Core Drama required)


Ages 13-18

Instructor: Dean Owens

Do you like doing spontaneous things? Does talking in front of people with no script and no rehearsal seem fun to you? Or maybe you're looking to get out of your comfort zone a little and learn how to go with the flow? Then the Improv class is just the right class for you! This class will teach you all the techniques and tricks you need to know to improvise and be spontaneous on stage. Improvisation is a key element of drama that all actors need in their toolkit to be the best performers they can be! You won't want to miss out on this exciting class! Core Drama or Music Theater class is a requirement to take this class.


Core Dance

core dance

Ages 13-18

Instructor: Caroline Nordberg

Back to the basics! This core dance class will be a great introduction course for those who are needing to get started in the world of dance. Learn how to speak the lingo, develop your technique, and train hard as a musical theater dancer!


Advanced Dance (Core Dance required)

advanced dance

Ages 13-18

Instructor:  Madeleine Roe

In a core dance class you've learned the basic elements of dance and technique. In this advanced course you will explore more advanced vocabulary, technique, skill, and choreography. If you are looking to further advance your dance technique and skill, create more discipline and rigor in your training then this class will set you on your way towards accomplishing your goals in dance. This class will have a primary focus of classical ballet technique. Core Dance or Music Theater class is required to take this course.  


Core Voice

Music Theater 101

Ages 13-18

Instructor:  Katie Crandall

In addition to learning the basics of good and healthy vocal technique this class will explore Musical Theater and it's history! You will learn how Music Theater came to be, how it's changed, what different styles require of you as a performer, and will get a chance to sing songs from all ranges of Music Theater styles, genres, and eras!  


Advanced Voice

Advanced Voice

Ages 13-18

Instructor:  Asher Isaac

Many times roles we play calls for us to use a different accent or dialect than our own normal speaking or singing voice. This new type of voice class will teach you the ways to go about learning how to tackle different accents, how to identify accents, and how to know how to sing with a particular accent. This class will utilize the voice in both speaking and singing to learn how to adapt to new accents and to learn the technique required to sound like the real thing!