CYT Wichita COVID-19 Relief Fund


CYT Wichita Friends!

Thank you so much to all of you who have given so generously to our COVID-19 relief fund!  We have surpassed our goal and are humbled with how you have responded.  This gives our staff the encouragement we have needed.

Some of you may know that the board had actually considered closing CYT Wichita down due to the effect the virus has had on our ability to do any gathering in public, or to even make plans for the summer or fall.  With no ability to make income, we quickly depleted what we had on hand and would not pay our staff past April.

Due to the love they have for our CYT kids, several of our amazing staff even volunteered to work for free, but once we started getting some donations, we instead cut wages and hours down to a minimal level to keep us going.

With what you have given us, we will be able to keep the doors open, and Lord willing, put on camps this summer and make plans for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat this fall.  We are currently operating in “bare-bones” mode, but operating!

None of us knows exactly how this crisis will affect CYT Wichita’s ability to gather together to do theater arts the remainder of this year, not to mention how soon our faithful senior show attendees will feel safe attending public shows.  All of these unknowns financially threaten our ability to exist as a 501c3, and they make it hard for us to plan, but with your help, we’ll continue to patiently go week by week, make the plans that we are able, and put on the camps, classes and shows that we are able.

Any further giving we receive will be a boost for us to gain traction going into the fall and would help us much!  

And once again, thank you all for your past support and participation in this wonderful community!  What a joy to be a part of something this meaningful and significant.
Most sincerely and thankfully yours,
Jim Logan
CYT Wichita board president

65 Donors

$19,680.00 Raised


Goal: $12,800.00

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3/31/20 @ 6:19pm $50.00 Anonymous
3/31/20 @ 6:21pm $500.00 Anonymous
3/31/20 @ 6:25pm $50.00 Anonymous
3/31/20 @ 7:07pm $200.00 Anonymous
3/31/20 @ 8:49pm $200.00 Anonymous
We love y’all.
3/31/20 @ 9:12pm $25.00 Anonymous
Gotta keep this amazing ministry going. It's traditional for me and my family!
3/31/20 @ 9:20pm $100.00 Anonymous
3/31/20 @ 9:28pm $10.00 Anonymous
3/31/20 @ 9:43pm $200.00 Anonymous
4/1/20 @ 7:55am $100.00 Anonymous
4/1/20 @ 8:38am $2,000.00 Anonymous
4/1/20 @ 9:29am $1,000.00 Anonymous
4/1/20 @ 9:32am $100.00 Anonymous
4/1/20 @ 9:52am $200.00 Anonymous
4/1/20 @ 1:04pm $100.00 Anonymous
4/1/20 @ 1:32pm $25.00 Kathryn Cannaby
This means so much to my Granddaughter that we have help keep it going. It makes my heart happy to watch the awesome shows these kids put on. I wish we could do more.
4/1/20 @ 2:34pm $100.00 Anonymous
4/2/20 @ 1:38pm $50.00 Anonymous
I’m praying for the future of this organization! I can’t imagine my teen years without CYT. Thank you for so deeply impacting my life! The future generations need CYT Wichita.
4/2/20 @ 2:04pm $20.00 Anonymous
4/3/20 @ 10:37am $20.00 Anonymous
4/3/20 @ 12:27pm $100.00 Anonymous
4/4/20 @ 6:34am $250.00 Jeff & Dawn Harmon
4/5/20 @ 1:47pm $25.00 Anonymous
4/6/20 @ 9:45am $400.00 Anonymous
4/6/20 @ 9:21pm $25.00 Anonymous
For the next generation and for His glory!
4/16/20 @ 2:52pm $100.00 Anonymous
4/21/20 @ 9:01pm $500.00 Jim Logan
Love CYT Wichita!
4/22/20 @ 8:24pm $100.00 The Sweets
This group has been an answer to so many prayers! We will do whatever we can to help.
4/23/20 @ 8:10am $100.00 colette gorges
4/23/20 @ 9:19am $500.00 Anonymous
4/23/20 @ 1:59pm $250.00 Anonymous
4/25/20 @ 1:51pm $250.00 The Munn's
Thank you to everyone for your friendship and launching of Josh, Sarah, and Aaron to opportunities that could not have been imagined without this organization.
4/26/20 @ 3:55am $100.00 Anonymous
4/30/20 @ 8:21am $50.00 Anonymous
5/1/20 @ 1:27am $500.00 Anonymous
5/2/20 @ 11:44am $100.00 Howie McDaniel
5/4/20 @ 4:26pm $40.00 Darlene Koger
5/5/20 @ 2:13pm $50.00 Matt & Lisa Hampton
5/8/20 @ 10:55am $50.00 Anonymous
Missing everyone!
5/22/20 @ 11:06am $50.00 Anonymous